Ti Coating with Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating technology is a special coating added to stainless steel to protect it from bacteria, pollution, fingerprints as well as rust – for customers living by the coastline. These properties can only be implemented through an electro-chemical coating process – helping your appliances and other useful products to last longer.


Matt Laminate Sheet

Nano Ceramic Coating  technology


  • Anti-fingerprint properties:

Pesky fingerprints can become annoying – having to constantly clean surfaces if you have small children in the house. With anti-fingerprint properties, you can spend more time on the important things, like spending time with your family.

  • Anti-rust abilities:

This is a particularly beneficial benefit if you live by the coastline – wanting your appliances to last longer. Not only will it save you money on unnecessary expenses, but your home will look aesthetically pleasing for longer.

  • Requires minimal maintenance:

Due to its anti-fingerprint properties, this laminate sheet requires less maintenance and cleaning – giving you the opportunity to live your life instead of constantly cleaning.

  • Anti-bacterial properties:

We carry millions of microscopic bacteria with us everywhere we go. Having anti-bacterial properties present could potentially save you from having to deal with nasty bacteria - especially if you enter a public restroom.

  • Aesthetically pleasing with a dull effect

This is a special preference for each individual client, depending on your taste. The dull effect creates a very sophisticated look, which you can carry through to all of your appliances and sanitary areas.

  • Available in various colours

Nano Ceramic Coating  technology

Depending on your colour preference, you can choose between four different colours to suit your style. Grey is the most popular, however, you can add some colour with “Wine”


Gloss Laminate Sheet

Nano Ceramic Coating  technology


  • Low maintenance:

As with the matt surface, the gloss surface also requires very little cleaning and maintenance due to its smooth effect and anti-rust properties. This leaves time to enjoy the finer things in life and focus on the important aspects, other than cleaning sticky finger marks off surfaces.

  • Anti-rust properties:

With the special NCC element, it makes coated stainless steel stronger against rust than normal stainless steel. The gloss effect is also a great option if you live by the coast for easier cleaning of salt deposits etc.

  • Aesthetically pleasing gloss effect:

Adding a gloss effect on your appliances or sanitary areas gives off a modern feel – especially if the rest of your commercial property or home has modern architecture implemented. This, however, depends completely on the preference of the client.

  • Strong surface properties:

The gloss surface has sustained a pencil hardness test of 9H – ensuring scratches won’t be present, especially if you have small children running around. A great option for young families.

  • Available in various colours:

Nano Ceramic Coating  technology

As with the matt surface, the gloss surface is available in four different colours, to add a little brightness to the room – depending on your preferences. Grey is a popular choice for public restrooms and commercial kitchens.

  • Anti-bacterial properties:

This is an extremely factor to remember when constructing a commercial kitchen or public restroom in order to keep staff and visitors safe. It could prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface – much better than stainless steel without an NCC element added.


Matt vs Gloss Nano Ceramic Coating

By Jade Ottavini