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Innovative Stainless Steel Laminated Foils Ultra-Thin Sheet and Coil

Manufactured in 0.04mm-0.6mm DSP SA Brushed, Polished, Bead, Pattern, Colour, Embossed Stainless Steel laminates are manufactured with genuine stainless steel metallic foils. DSP SA Sheet & Coil is a new innovative ultra-thin sheet and coil product line, mass-produced making it very economical. Manufactured in 0.06mm-0.4mm thickness, 600/ 2438/3000/4000mm width, 25m to unlimited length.  They are resistant to solvents, chemicals and household reagents and have an extremely hard wearing surface. DSP SA apply anti- bacterial, anti-pollution, anti-finger print, self-cleaning, self-healing, fire…

TI Coating With Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating technology is a special coating added to stainless steel to protect it from bacteria, pollution, fingerprints as well as rust – for customers living by the coastline. These properties can only be implemented through an electro-chemical coating process – helping your appliances and other useful products to last longer. MATT LAMINATE SHEET Benefits: Anti-fingerprint properties: Pesky fingerprints can become annoying – having to constantly clean surfaces if you have small children in the house. With anti-fingerprint properties, you can spend more time on the important things,…

Which Stainless Steel Surface Finishing Will Best Suite Your Balustrades?

As a homeowner or professional contractor, you no longer have to feel stuck with a limited variety of surface finishes for your chosen balustrades. In fact, new technology has made it possible to match your surface finishes to your chosen balustrades, instead of the other way around. The question is, which stainless steel surface finish will fit in with your lifestyle? Standard patterns available: NO 4 Creating a very sophisticated feel, the No 4 surface finish is highly recommended for corporate environments – offering a sense of style and professionalism to the overall look and feel of your…

Nano Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Bacterial Deterrent

Nano Ceramic Coating technology is the process of applying a special electrochemical coating to creating an organic-inorganic layer on top of stainless steel to deter bacteria, pollution and fingerprints. Why incorporating NCC technology is crucial: PROTECTS AGAINST RUST AND MARKS Stainless steel, on its own, has rust-resistant properties. However, by adding NCC to the stainless steel surface, not only do you add extra protection against natural elements and fingerprint perspiration, you also add an extra layer of strength. The NCC surfacing has passed a pencil hardness test of 9H. ELIMINATES…

Incorporating Stainless Steel Cladding into Design

When designing a home, commercial, or industrial space, designers need to focus on installation options that are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and all round hygienic. Firstly, stainless steel is 100% recyclable which means that it is kind to the environment and secondly, it is of the easiest materials to maintain, clean and sanitize. As for its aesthetic appeal, the durable properties of stainless steel cladding means that it will not rust or change colour under destructive weather conditions. Here are some of the best ways that interior designers can incorporate stainless steel…

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